Monday, 18 April 2011

Fauna Graphic Interview

I met up with Sarah Yates of Fauna Graphic for this short interview and a few photographs of her studio work space, Interview for Platform 58.

Fauna Graphic is one of a few British Eco-graffiti artists, Sarah's work has appeared on walls of abandoned apartments disused factories, abandoned buildings and making her mark on Snow boards,canvas,clothing and exhibitions. Sarah also holds workshops all over Yorkshire and regularly takes on commissions.

Fauna graphic recently exhibited in Corroded surfaces at the Graffik Gallery in London how
did that go?
It went very well!, a lot of people were impressed with the show , its great to be involved with something that is very close to recycling surfaces.

You describe your self as an ‘ECO Artist’ could you explain what this means?
For years I have been very supportive towards conservation projects, and I've recycled for years.I was  brought up being taught to make things last, and recycling....Caring for nature. It applys to my work by painting in environments and on surfaces which have been left to waste away, I try to attract clients who have a  need for a environmentally understanding artist.

You started Fauna Graphic in 2006, How did that happen?
I was studying Graphic Design, and wanted to work for myself , also being an artist inspired by nature I wanted to use a name which could represent that. I came up with fauna graphic and it was perfect as it could
be used in all the ways I wanted. Graffiti Tag, Clothing Brand,Graphic Design etc.

You re-use space a lot which i love, Is this an important factor of your art?
It is yeah , as its where my graffiti roots are and also I used to spend hours as a kid exploring neglected buildings and sheds, so its a childhood passion as well. To re-use space Is a great way to make use of something which nobody else cares about.

If you were to give advice to anyone wanting to follow your career path what would it be?
Yikes! To work really hard ! always think of ways to push and progress your work out there For people to see...Study some form of art course, make a website portfolio. Join social networking sites as an artist... Build up a nice portfolio!

So tell us about your studio is this your main creative space? and what do you think about the Sheffield Graphics scene?
Yes my studio is my main space to create artwork. The Sheffield graphics scene is okay, I don’t get time to pay too much attention too it, there is some talented artists in Sheffield, but I do get bored of it as nothing new ever seems to be happening there.

You have painted all over the country and Europe where is your dream destination?
I would like to paint South America, and also California.

What was your first piece? and how do you feel about it looking back?
My first spray painted piece was Tomb Raider... I look back now and I think it wasn't that bad considering it was my first character with a spray can.

So what is next for Fauna Graphic?
A European tour this summer...heading to some events and also another odd trip here and there to paint walls!

Visit For more
information on Fauna Graphic. for studio

Interview/Photos by Jodie Blackburn

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