Monday, 25 October 2010

Article Issue 1, The Drift Issue Out Now.

I feel so proud that i was able to be a contributor to the latest issue of Article Magazine
I did the fashion Photography for the Drift shoot and over excited right now to get a copy in my hands.
I think if your reading this you should defiantly stop and pick one up!

I think you should...

4,000 free copies are now being distributed across the UK, to appear in bars, galleries and shops. Distribution is focused on Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Nottingham and Leeds, with copies also to be found in the GmbH Bookshop in Glasgow, Analogue Books in Edinburgh and the ICA bookshop, Magma Clerkenwell and Luminous Books in London. Also, this issue is kindly being distributed by Stack Magazines to subscribers worldwide, as well as being distributed for free to customers of Magazero magazines. For a full distribution list check out

                                                      You can subscribe to Article Magazine.

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