Wednesday, 19 January 2011

"One Moment Of The World"

While in Oxfam Books yesterday i came across this book which i found quite interesting.
How 45 photographers viewed our world all at the same instant on March 21,1983.
Its very 80s the way the book is designed, but i think i like that.
Its also very glossy.
The photos are varied and i just really like it...

The book starts off by showing you the letter of request that was sent to each of the 45 photographers with the brief of what they had to do.

Anyways here's a few photos of the book its self, maybe I'm hyping it up too much but it was a good find for me anyways...

OK well that's that.
My own work has been absent for a few weeks as I'm currently working on a few projects.
One to be revealed soon which involves Vintage and designs which i am currently designing obvs but not sewing that would be insane.
To be revealed soon.
Also some shoots to come .
So let this post inspire you or make you think what the hell is she going on about.

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