Sunday, 22 January 2012


Been too quiet...HATE
NEW... move into a new place 6th feb with This man #clickhimheisfunny
This Saturday and Sunday has been looking for homely goods times.
Purchased so much bedding that I guess I'm going to be able to sleep again, This no sleeping thing is not a good look.
We bought these cushions today I love them...

Purchase them yourselves 

LIFE updates? Vicious Zine is still coming along and me and Grace are getting VERY excited so watch this space but in the mean time why not follow us on here!/Vicious_zine
Still working a mundane job in the week This needs to change, But working on some music with Tom so things are going good atm.
I also went a little crazy with some clothing purchases Obviously essential will post about them soon and I may take some photos of our new apartment. xx

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