Monday, 20 January 2014

New Additions...

I feel like I'm constantly wondering around the Skincare section in John Lewis daily looking for 'that' product that will change my skin! Lately becoming a little too obsessed wondering in before work but this week I have had a little success almost..!

So here are three products I purchased...Two of which I'm loving and one which I've already gone and replaced with something else Note to self don't skimp on the moisturiser its the best bit!

I love everything that Amie as a brand stands for but this just made my skin way too tight might be one for the summer so its in hiding for now! The Ren products tho are lovely and I feel like my skin looks a lot refreshed and Calm... I did go and buy the Ever Calm Moisturiser today so lets hope this works for now.

I will be posting my favourite vintage finds tomorrow if that's your kind of thing come back and say Hey. 

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