Thursday, 24 October 2013

Took a little holiday Makeup

Ok so I took a little holiday to the sweet and sunny Mallorca in the cute resort of Cala D'or.
Loved it and now its weird being back in rainy England!
Although today wasn't so rainy...

Ever since being away I've loved not wearing hardly any makeup not that I wear a lot anyway!
If you follow my Instagram you may have seen that I posted about the BB Cream from Simple which at first I absolutely hated I bought it on a whim in Boots in a 3 for 2 offer because I was curious really and it was so cheap like 5 poundish I think!

I have always got along with Simple products and when I first applied this I thought someone had literally thrown a tub of glitter in my face...
I was also shocked at how orange it first came out as well and I shoved it a side!
However I did go back to this product and applied a TINY blob on my hand and used it sparingly and have been enjoying it while on holiday it does give a slight shimmer but with a little holiday face tan I think it works well!
So yes go buy if you want a little pick me up :)
I love holiday nails and it was the last chance to have nice bright nails in sunny weather! So I alternated between Bourjois Mint Fiz which I love and Sally Hansen Kooka Mango which was actually from the pound shop! 
I mean what's a holiday without Hot Dogs and Lager? 
The holiday was amazing very chilled with a mix of Lager and Cocktails. 
Take me back to the beach please? 

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